About Us

YAS Fuel & Petrochemical Industries LLC is an independent Fuel & Oil refining, manufacturing & trading company whose promoters have evolved from UAE & India.

YAS headquarters is located in Abu Dhabi, the regional Office in Sharjah and the refining facility is located in the Sharjah industrial Area. YAS was established in 2003 by its visionary Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Yousef.

YAS provides a comprehensive refining and re-processing solution offering primary products such as base oil SN 150,300 & 500, gasoil, kerosene, naphtha and fuel oil. The YAS team comprises of experienced managers, traders, finance professionals and marketers who have been with the company since its inception.

YAS Group employs around 50+ people and is committed to providing a safe and secure working environment while working diligently to provide cleaner fuels. Additionally, YAS provided advice and consultancy in areas such as product blending, terminal ling, bulk storage, risk mitigation & risk management, environmental clean up, refinery & storage construction, and oil transportation.